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Chimney Hives Australia was developed to fill the demand that exists for the establishment of back-yard bee hives where little or no room is available in the suburban environment.

This form of hive entrance allows bees and people to use the same area without interfering with each other, therefore minimising contact and decreasing the possibility of being stung.

Note: A chimney hive assists with the compliance of Reg 5.1.2 of the "Apiary Code of Practice 2011 Statutory Planning Requirements"

How Does it Work?

By making a small modification to a Langstroth base (small cut-outs) the hive entrance and landing board project into the chimney area forcing the bees to travel up the chimney to enter and leave 2.4 m above the ground.

A standard Langstroth hive or a "Flow Hive" (with a gable end removed) is placed on the frame of the "Chimney Hive" with the entrance contained within the body of the chimney, this removes the lower flight path of the bees and changes their flight path to a vertical orientation until they leave via the top entrance.

At the front of the "Chimney Hive" is an access door to allow the bee keeper to open or close the hive entrance when required

The removable mesh floor of "Chimney Hive" allows for ventilation and inspection of hive waste.

The hive can be accessed from the outside and inspected and worked as the same as any other hive not on a "Chimney Hive" so as to comply with bio security requirements.

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